Sunday, September 18, 2011

soup weather

with dropping temperatures and a head's soup weather here in Nebraska.

i suggest this broccoli soup recipe as a starting point.

(i subbed skim milk for the cream)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

chili falafel burgers

thanks to one of the cookbooks gifted to me for my birthday, a falafel burger recipe that created this:

blue cheese sourdough bread, homemade spinach hummus, avocado, basil, a chili falafel burger, cucumbers and tomatoes.

eaten with a side of tater tots :-)

the burgers are relatively simple, you just need chickpeas, onions, spices and a bit of lemon juice. Then coat in flour and fry in olive oil. Next time I need to be careful not to blend the ingredients too much in my food processor- these didn't stick together too well. Thankfully the lack of cohesion did little to alter the taste.

Monday, August 15, 2011

summer cooking in omaha

a deluge of recipes and eats since I've been terrible about posting this summer, a bonus being that all but one of these are vegetarian.

chickpeas and dumplings: this recipe comes from one of my favorite bloggers, Mama Pea. It's delicious and I've made it twice now, eating it all week long as leftovers.

vegetable broth with carrots, celery, onions and chickpeas

biscuits dropped on top

let simmer while covered and then eat up the goodness

falafels and pita bread: pita bread is an old favorite from our Mongolia cooking days, but I've been dying to try making falafels for forever. this was pre-food processor so I hand-mashed them with a large plastic spoon.

fried, delicious goodness, these were a huge office favorite. We ate them on the pitas with cucumbers, tomatoes and plain yogurt and hummus.

green onion soup: this came about when my tendency to over-buy green onions at the farmers' market forced me to come up with a recipe that would use them up. I found a basic recipe that I no longer can locate but then proceeded to basically completely change it, rendering it pretty much useless anyway.

aren't these carrots gorgeous?

toss in lots of veggies, green onions, milk and heavy whipping cream. Yum.

carrot fries and hummus sauce: these are both thanks to Jessi at Naptime Diaries. The sauce has become a go-to of mine for salad dressing and is SO easy to make. Literally you just need hummus, balsamic and honey.

spinach hummus: crossed a goal of my year 24 list when I made hummus for the first time in my life. And Holy Mother of Hummus, this stuff is addictive. I fear I've eaten most of the tub in the span of 12 hours.

quinoa bake: this recipe is compliments of Healthy Tipping Point and is a perfect light version of a casserole that is both healthy and filling.

eggplant lasagna: This is a Mama Pea hybrid. I took her original recipe and subbed eggplant, but the filling is to die for, so it really doesn't matter what you use. Any lasagna that requires cream cheese is a win for me (also means that I made it not vegan).

Lesson of the summer? Eat your veggies. There are too many good recipes that will go to waste otherwise.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

anyway you like it

pizza is a canvas not just meant for tomato sauce. which is why this one has mashed up avocado mixed up with leftover hummus.
onions, black beans, radishes...

cucumbers, pepperoni, bok choy, cheese...

Monday, June 20, 2011

when carrots are plentiful

I have Hol to blame for this most recent creation, as she introduced me to the joy of carrot cake cookies.

And then when I had an abundance of carrots, I couldn't help but want to make them.

And because one of the things that was top on my list of "things I wanted to eat when in America" was pumpkin, I happened to have a can of it sitting in my cupboard, calling my name.

And thus these carrot cake cookies became pumpkin carrot cake cookies.

Perfect with milk, tea or crumbled up in yogurt for breakfast.

I call this the grater from the dark place because it's always trying to cut off my fingers.

Eat up my friends. And when you can't eat anymore (or shouldn't) because you live alone and should never consume an entire batch of cookies, take them to your local thrift store (where you also happen to work). People will like them so much they will describe them with expletives. Points!

Friday, June 10, 2011

bi bim bap

bi bim bap [bee-bim-bop]

during the summer of 2010, i became very familiar with korean food. it became one of those things i hated to love and loved to hate. it was very frequent in my life, a daily basis--some weeks a 3 meals a day basis.

i heard recently that we crave what we eat.

that summer and then after, i started craving korean food. the spices and sauces and even the kimchi became familiar to me in a way that i craved it, liked it and was excited to find good korean restaurants when i returned to the USA.

i haven't found a great korean food place in DC, you would think that would be easy but i'll be honest, i haven't looked all over just yet.

so, a few weeks ago, i decided i would make some. i taught cooking classes while in mongolia and boast about my [limited] cooking skills.

so, i went to whole foods [which erin told me stories about that i half-way believed until i went to one--so cool!] and i gathered up the materials to make this rice-stirfry-spicy korean dish.

you can find the recipe i based the meal off of, here. essentially, you need these things:
vegetables, meat, egg, oil, rice and spicy paste

the vegetables each have different ways of cooking. i used carrots, spinach, sprouts, zucchini and mushrooms and for the meat tofu.

after you cook the vegetables, you can arrange them on a plate.

then you can fry and egg [sorry, don't have a picture of this--use your imagination]

then place the rice in the bottom of the bowl and arrange your veggies and meat on top, and add the fried egg that i keep almost forgetting about.

add your spicy paste [korean chili paste works fine]

mix and toss like a salad and enjoy!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

some recent eats and a recipe

I am living in vegetable heaven over here in Nebraska. the farmer's markets are open, the weather is warm, the gardens are growing and I am enjoying a plethora of veggies in my kitchen.

living in Mongolia convinced me that recipes are a starting point and not an absolute. So these last few weeks I've been taking basic recipes and making do with what I have.

For example....

pumpkin soup! I can't remember where I got the recipe from, but it included lots of onions and milk and pumpkin. I used too much nutmeg trying to compensate for a lack of other spices, so it had a bit of a kick, but I liked it just the same.

Or my bok choy black bean veggie pizza that ended up being not nearly as weird as it sounds. I promise! It's just an even better version of vegetable pizza. Especially if you use this pizza crust recipe.

And last but not least, I once again attempted to make one of the Daily Garnish recipes. Except my version of her mexican quinoa dish had a few add-ons and substitutions.

Mine had tomatoes, green onions, green olives, green pepper, cucumber, black beans, an onion, an avocado and instead of lime juice, lemon juice.

Plus I discovered that you can sub plain yogurt for sour cream and it tastes just as good.

Here's to a summer of even more vegetable-filled recipes and experiments!